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AQ account [04 May 2010|04:42pm]
Name: Josh
Age: 15
Gender: M
Character: http://guardian.battleon.com/Build30/charview.asp?temp=17970014
About me: did you know giant pandas eat about 120pounds of bamboo a day
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NEW MEMBER! [17 Apr 2008|10:34pm]

The famous Youtube Celeb, MegamaniaZX, has joined the brawl. lol, well the group.

Name: MegamaniaZX
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Character: MegamaniaZX (9791617)
About me: FURRIES :D

Currently, I'm level 74 with a X-Guardian Account. I'm a Level 10 Werewolf, who recently left the clan and became a Werepyre. I'm in the Aerodu clan in Paxia. My favorite weapon that I have is the Blade of Awe. I'm not on AQ much because I play Maplestory, but I do play AQ sometimes. Well, that's enough about talking about me, so GIMME A COOKIE! lol 
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free money 9999999 [10 Apr 2008|02:49pm]
 well i was on google and this site come up so i loged on with my adventure quest acount and it give me 999999999 oney and tokenze 
so ill paste the link below so you can try

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[23 Oct 2007|05:55pm]

Name: MMO (not really, but please call me MMO for now)
Age: 20
Gender: male
My Character Page: In a bit, if you're good. :P
A little bit about myself: I'm a college student majoring in journalism. I run two other AQ related comms, located at mechquest_fans and dragonfable_fan, so give them a look if you like MQ and DF.
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Hi. [10 Jun 2007|08:02pm]

I Wonder If I Could Get Some Advice?

First The Basics, My Name Is Journiey, I've A Learning Disability, So That's Why I Type this Way (Info On My Profile Page.)

Female, 42, Been a Geek For Years, lol

My Character Page~ http://aq.battleon.com/build30/charview.asp?temp=4334124

What I'd Like Is Some Weapons Advice. Which Of The Ones I Have In Active Use And In Storage Should I Be Using? Selling? I'm Mostly A Mage, But A Good Weapon Is ALWAYS A Boon. Any Other Advice? State Changes To Become More Effective? I Just Want To Max My Experience And I'm Not Sure ESP Of The Weapons I Have Active.

Thank You.
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[29 May 2007|10:58am]

I finally killed the Elder Void Wyrm, level 121. I hate that thing.

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[27 May 2006|08:25pm]

Salutations all, the name's ashwolf on AQ but feel free to call me ashwolf_alpha if you like. My little bro recently introduced me to AQ and I admit I'm pretty hooked. I'm a complete newb to this whole thing. I got a lvl 13ish character...think he's got 1 lvl into the werewolf class as well. The game is all right. Nice for something that's free to play and it runs smoothly on my crappy computer. ^_^ It's a shame ya can't play with other people though. =( Not sure if this community is alive or not so I'll save my newb questions for another day.

Happy hunting!

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Hi ! Just Koined ! [26 Apr 2006|05:18pm]

Name: Ricobabie
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Character Page: http://www.battleon.com/aq-chardetailnew.asp?temp=73728
A little something about you: well, here's me......yeah go to my Lj profile to find out about more :D I actually just became a guardian a while ago so yeah.....
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newb [18 Jan 2006|07:46pm]

Name: Kirstin
Age: almost 15
Gender: female
Character Page: wish i had a money order to become an X-guardian
A little something about you: last summer i spent 4 out of 5 days a week playing AQ, while playing Homestar toons in the background (like im doing now), eating wheat thins and drinking tea. PURE PARADISE, lemme tell you.
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Hello all. :) [09 Jan 2006|05:13pm]
I'm Shad, and my character name is the same as my journal name, Shadran. I'm 18, male, and actually just started playing today. I'm an X-guardian (I couldn't resist all of the cool perks). I live in the US, and am a college student.
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Semi new player [31 Dec 2005|05:58pm]

[ mood | cold in frostvale! ]

I discovered AQ just this past month. I was in a car crash a couple months ago, and had a concussion. 3D gaming wasn't fun anymore. Why induce dizziness further, if you're already dizzy? So I googled "free RPGs" and stumbled into AQ. Yeah, I'm addicted. I'm on the chatrooms as Sciffy and the forums as Enneirda Shierco. They're calling me a power gamer or something, because of how fast I'm levelling. Ehh, I have no life. :P

Anyway, it seems that the forums are full of 13-20 year olds, with a few older people in hiding. As far as I can tell, seems like a slightly older, slightly more mature crowd is on LJ. Sheesh, it feels weird saying I have kids almost old enough to play AQ.

Anyway, stats behind the cut. :)

Hello, my name is Sciffy. I'm female, age 34, and live in the greater Chicagoland metropolitan area. And I am an AQ addict!Collapse )

I'm so much of an addict, I put my stats on my LJ user info :P Feel free to check it out.

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[29 Oct 2005|07:46pm]

Name: Michelle
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Character Page: http://www.battleon.com/aq-chardetailnew.asp?temp=5750911
A little something about you: Just another girl who loves AQ, loves anime/manga, and all the good things in live.
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AQ Stats [20 Oct 2005|01:32pm]

I'm not sure exactly where I found the link, but I located the AQ stats site just a couple days ago. There's alot of good info there about your character. Training, ranks, trend tracking... nice info to have. Now, if only they could tell you which parts of the BoA that you have... *sigh*

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Now that the intro post is out of the way... [19 Oct 2005|11:04am]

[ mood | curious ]

I've got a question!

Does anyone know of anywhere on the site that will tell you which pieces of the Blade of Awe you already have or how many more pieces you need? Since it appears that I'm going weeks without finding anything, it would be nice to be able to look at something that tells me how far I am in my search. Until last night, I'd thought that I'd not found any pieces yet, but I'd apparently forgotten that I got the stonewrit very early on.

Anyway, I now have the stonewrit and the handle. I need what, just three runestones now?

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Hi everyone! (intro post) [19 Oct 2005|10:57am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Name: Kimley
Age: Old enough
Gender: Female
Character Page: http://www.battleon.com/aq-chardetailnew.asp?temp=8746939
A little something about you: I play AQ waaaayyyy too much... and looking through the community, it looks like everyone else does too. hehe

Anyway, it's good to be here. Now, let's talk some AQ!

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random babbling about weapons [09 Sep 2005|06:21pm]

You know. I really really really don't know why I sold my monster smasher. I miss it. *sniffle*

It's pretty much the only weapon I've ever regretted selling. sigh Well.. I slightly regret selling my soul carver.. but I can always buy that again..

What is it with darkness weapons anyway? I thought the dire staff was supposed to be something uber.. but man it's special sucks and goes off all the damn time. And the helmet thing.. meh it isn't too bad, but it's too inaccurate.

Bah. And I wish we could trade or something.. because I feel horrible for selling my red vengeance, but really, eye of carnax owns it severely.

I don't know how I missed buying the crescent blade.. dammit. Did that come up after the vampire vs wwf wars?

I only love 3 of my current weapons. Ultra Ice Katana.. the Dragonfang scimitar is the best flippin thing ever.. and the eye of carnax. The eye just owns. And then.. I'm happy with power katana. I imagine I'll enjoy it even more as I get higher up, which I'm soon to be 94, yippie.

My other weapons.. blah.. I kinda miss having the original guardian blade, instead of having the boa. And it's a shame that Red Vengeance and the Zombie Slayer still suck despite being boosted.

Stupid Zombie Slayer.

As a side note, I love Knight Armor to death. Arrow Assault is flipping awesome and I look forward to using it as often as possible. =D It's semi-accurate.. strong as hell.. and a great ranged attack, which comes in handy for fighting things like that damn sneak which has 75 defense to melee and magic but only 35 to range. Yeah, arrow assault owns that little bastard.. haha..
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Greeting Post [16 Aug 2005|12:05am]
Name: Mike
Age: 33
Gender: Masculine
Character Page: Miklos Vovin
A little something about you: My God I spend WAY too much time playing this game..

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Howdy, I just joined this group. [04 Aug 2005|07:21pm]

Name: Walneto
Gender: Nerd
Info: I play way too much. I'm a level 91 Werepyre.
Character: http://infinisoft.34sp.com/aq/charinfo.php?id=741300#
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[02 Aug 2005|02:20pm]


Name: Aaron
Age: mid-20s
Gender: male
Character Page: http://www.battleon.com/aq-chardetailnew.asp?temp=5401100Read more...Collapse )
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Hi All [17 Jul 2005|01:26pm]

Name: Ann
character page:

Hi all i am new to adventure quest, just created my character last night, I look forward to getting to know you all, My interests are video games, especially online games, i currently am playing eq2,swg,runescape,and now adventure quest,
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[09 Jun 2005|02:25pm]

I've changed the LJ account I use from bodika to leocondor. And now I'm the member of the community with this "new" account =)
By the way, here is my character's page .
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[09 Jun 2005|01:27pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Name: Lina
Age: 19
Gender: Chic
Character Page: http://www.battleon.com/aq-chardetailnew.asp?temp=1270362
A little something about you: Aspiring artist studying Graphic Design & hoping to go into Advertising. My brother got me into AQ & the game has grown on me. :)

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old player returning from.. "vacation" [23 May 2005|08:56am]

Hey folks. So.. what's new? I've been absent.. oh.. 6 months ish.. haha.. so feel free to fill me in.

I'm.. discouraged by a few things. Well, I find it more hilarious than discouraging with the shields at least. I see the Pathos, Ethos and Logos shield resale value is still 1 gold.. hahaha.. And I see there doesn't appear to be too many new weapons..

But! I see a lot of things have changed, and that's quite encourage. A new battleon.. new places to travel to.. all sorts of new classes.. a new energy weapon.. and the golden axe is still for sale! Which.. I don't think I'll get that 500 grand any time soon.. haha.

Oh, and it even looks like my Red Vengeance is stronger! I don't remember it hitting as high as 24.. when did that happen? haha

Anyway. I forget what's special about the Axe Master Armor. Is there anything special about it besides being a rare? I'd like to make room for rogue class armor. Any suggestions? My char page is here:

I'm thinking getting rid of Salamander Rider.. that's the least useful. Maybe I could auction it off.. hmm..
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[21 May 2005|12:13pm]

anyone know what the pros and cons are for becoming a vampire, werewolf or werepire?

or is there a site that goes into those details?
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[13 May 2005|08:08am]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Name: Courtney
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Character Page: http://www.battleon.com/aq-chardetailnew.asp?temp=4434966
A little something about you: I'm an RPG fan from South Carolina. I started playing AQ on April 24th and haven't stopped since. When I'm not playing AQ, I'm either drawing, writing, or working on my web sites. Though rarely does any of that get done. :P

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New Member [12 May 2005|11:35am]

Name: Derrick Ramsey
Age: 22
All my other info in in my LJ....


Love the game, started playing it ages ago... quit for like 8 months... been back for 2 weeks. Its my new meth.
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[23 Apr 2005|11:15am]

[ mood | awake ]

Name: Matt
Age: 31
Gender: Male
Character Page: 2
http://darkzard.battleon.com/aq-chardetail.asp?temp=4287446 (CatspawVP)
http://darkzard.battleon.com/aq-chardetail.asp?temp=4376554 (Mairia)
A little something about you: just playing aq to pass the time :)

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[05 Apr 2005|01:02pm]

Name: Camomilla
Age: 23
Gender: female
Character Page: Here
A little something about you: Girl from finland. I just like this game :)
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the AQ Forum... [08 Mar 2005|06:46pm]

Is it just me or are the forums full of retarded kids that don't know anything?  Oh, the mods need to learn what a double post is too...

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